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Randymars Painting and Contractors is a group of talented professionals committed to quality workmanship and customer service. We take pride in our work, so whether we're painting a house, hanging drywall, or pressure washing your walkways, we'll always do it right the first time.

Drywall and Plaster

Whether you're looking for a drywall installer for a new addition or need a plasterer to repair a hole in an existing wall, Randymars Painting and Contracting has the knowledge and competence to get the job done right. We have extensive experience in renovation, apartment rehab, and home remodeling projects. We can tackle both commercial and residential drywall and plaster projects to help you make your office or living room look its finest!

Randymars Painters - Drywall work in progress
Randymars Painters - Drywall work after


Hanging drywall can be a tricky task: the panels are unwieldy, heavier than you'd think, and hard to maneuver. While some people try to put up their own drywall, these DIY projects often result in bumpy walls, incorrectly taped seams, and globs of compound all over the place. Savvy homeowners contract professionals like Randymars for drywall installation. Our drywall is correctly hung, with vapor barriers where necessary, and smoothly finished with the finesse that only an expert can apply. Randymars also offers interior painting services; simplify your remodeling job by contracting with us for both drywall and painting! If you're ready for a beautiful professional finish on everything from drywall patches to completely drywalled rooms, Randymars Painting and Contractors is the right one for the job. Give us a call today!

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In the age of drywall, plaster is becoming more and more rare, as are experienced plastering contractors. However, Randymars knows that existing plaster does need to be repaired and that there are applications for new plaster walls, even today. We have years of practice working with plaster, and we guarantee a clean, professional finish. Whether your historic home needs a fresh coat of plaster or you have a plaster wall that needs to be repaired, you can trust Randymars Painting and Contractors for quality workmanship and a great plastering job!

Randymars Painters and Contractors - Painting and Drywall project - before
Randymars Painters and Contractors - Painting and Drywall project - after